Sisula-Tulokas, Lena


Articles in Juridica International

Professor, dr. jur. in Private Law
Department of Private Law
P.O. Box 4, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
E-mail: lena.sisula@helsinki.fi

Prior positions
- Associate professor in Maritime Law at the University of Åbo Akademi 1987–1998
- Acting professor in Commercial Law at the Swedish School of Business and Administration and at the Helsinki School of Business and Administration 1987–1998

Main publications

- The Concept of Delay in Passenger Transportation, 1985, pp. 389 (Dröjsmålsskador vid passagerartransport, diss.)
- Reduction of Price in the Law of Sales, 1992 and 1994, pp. 330 (Prisavdrag, Hinnanalennus)
- Compensation of Non-material Personal Injury in Tort Law, 1995, pp. 299 (Sveda, värk och annat lidande)
- Export Law (ed.) 1998, pp. 347 (Ulkomaankauppaoikeus)
- Transport Law, 1994, pp. 220, 2 ed., 2003 pp. 300. (Kuljetusoikeuden perusteet)
- Twenty Cases from the Finnish Supreme Court (edit.) 2001, pp. 263
Articles in transport, contract and tort law.

Other Activities

Chairman of the Finnish Committee for amendment of the Maritime Act 1991–1994,
Member of the Committee for amendment of the Railway Transportation Act 1997-1998 and the Committee for amendment of the Tort Act 1999–2001
Chairman of the Finnish Insurance Complaints Board 1997–current
Member of the Board of Trustees of National Research Institute of Legal Policy 1996–2002
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Business Practice at the Central Chamber of Commerce 1999–current
Member of the co-ordinating committee of the Study Group on a European Civil Law 1998–current
Several arbitration assignments and several memberships in academic organisations.