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The Law of Obligations: Developments in Estonia and in Europe

ISBN 978-9985-870-32-7

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Evgeny Krasheninnikov 9 May 1951 – 13 October 2013

Jevgeni Krašeninnikov, a distinguished Russian researcher holding the position Associate Professor of Civil Law at Yaroslavl State University, has passed away unexpectedly. The last article he wrote was ‘Agreements and decisions’, published in the current issue of Juridica International.

Jevgeni graduated from Yaroslavl State University in 1978, after which he carried out his postgraduate studies in Leningrad and successfully defended his dissertation on civil procedural law in 1983. From 1980 until his final days, he worked at Yaroslavl State University, teaching mainly Roman private law and civil law but also giving special courses on securities law and bill of exchange law. Jevgeni was a dedicated researcher; he penned more than two hundred academic publications, among them three monographs. His scientific interests were diverse – he studied many general issues related to civil law, including subjective rights, representation and authorisation, legal succession, transactions, assignment of claims, and civil liability. He was also active in civil procedural law, studying problems related to actions. At the same time, he was one of the most well-known experts on securities law and matters related to bills of exchange in Russia. He contributed to practice and scholarship involving the Civil Code of the Russian Federation that were published in 2010 by writing commentaries to the chapters on securities, gifts, and unjustified enrichment.

Collections of legal research works on civil and commercial law that have become well‑known in Russia have been published in Yaroslavl for 20 years under the leadership of Jevgeni. As the collections’ editor, Jevgeni always wrote at least one article to be published in every single collection and inspired other experts in jurisprudence, from Russia and abroad, to do the same. Jevgeni saw the regular publishing of those collections as his life’s work, and indeed it is a most remarkable and unique life’s work. Many ideas and concepts from Western law found their way to Russian readers through the collections that Jevgeni edited and articles that he wrote. Jevgeni was especially fascinated by German law, and he did a lot to make its concepts known in Russia.

Jevgeni was a good friend to the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu. He participated in conferences held in Tartu; published articles in the Estonian law journals Juridica and Juridica International; and, at the same time, offered Estonian authors the possibility to publish their articles in the Yaroslavl collections. Thus, he played an important role in keeping alive the solid co-operation between the University of Tartu and Yaroslavl State University.

We shall remember Jevgeni Krašeninnikov as a brilliant individual, as a relentless fighter for his beliefs and opinions, as a person who dedicated his life to jurisprudence.